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Use a help authoring tool and slash your customer support costs

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What are the major product related costs for your business? Everyone knows that creating a new product costs money. There are costs involved in designing, testing, manufacturing the product, and also in getting the product to customers. All of these things need to happen if you are going to create a product which can be sold and produce an income that will allow the business to prosper.

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5 mistakes to avoid when writing help documentation

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Help Documentation

How often have you spent ages searching a help file for something that you know should be there, but you just can’t find? Help documentation is usually the first place that we look when we don’t know how something is supposed to work. If the information in the help file is not clear, or even worse misleading then we are just going to end up frustrated, and maybe even rejecting the product for something easier to understand.

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