Benefits Of Optimizing Your Online Help And Manuals For Search Engines

Benefits Of Optimizing Your Online Help And Manuals For Search Engines [Featured]

Millions of internet users across the globe are constantly searching for answers and solutions on the web via search engines. Google alone processes 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. These huge figures have not gone unnoticed across several companies and businesses who now do all they can to match their content with search engine queries. But what about technical content such as helps and documentations? Should companies and technical writers post their online help systems to servers that can be accessed and indexed by search engines? And if they do, are there any benefits over other companies and writers who don’t? Let’s find out.

Why you should optimize your online help for search engines

Boost the visibility of your help and documentation

Have you ever searched for the online help or documentation of a specific brand and their competition’s help and documentation keeps popping up? Why wouldn’t you go for the competitor’s product or service instead in that case ? Thousands of companies and businesses are losing their clients and customers via search engines while others are reaping huge benefits So what’s the purpose of having an online help or documentation if no one can find them via search engines? Internet marketers have used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance the visibility of business websites.

Reach a wider audience

As you create help web-sites and documentations and tailor them to answer clients, customers, and prospective customers' questions, more and more people will find your company via search engines. While you may assume that only your product or service users and some other audience will search for your helps and documentations online, your competition’s market will find you too and consider your brand a strong one for popping up while searching for others.

Build brand authority

Why do internet users click on highly ranked search engine results? The answer is simple. High SEO rank is associated with a trusted brand and the website is considered an authority website. Many companies have a goldmine of technical content that they can optimize for search engines to build a strong reputation of brand authority.

Slash your customer support costs

Many product users often search for solutions on the web before they call customer support. If your clients and customers can find your help and documentation easily via search engines, your customers support will attend to less frequent calls. This means you’ll end up spending less for customer support.

Definite increase in website traffic

Optimizing your online helps and documentations for search engines will cause a spike in your website traffic. With the help of analytics and reporting tools for tracking website visitors, you’ll observe a definite traffic increase to your website. This is one of the easiest methods of maximizing your content efforts for the best possible ROI.

How to optimize your help and documentation for search engines?

There are several methods of optimizing your online help and documentation for search engines.

The easiest way to optimize your help and documentation for search engines is to create your help files with a help authoring software with an in-built SEO support. With such a help authoring tool, you wouldn’t have to bother about using a different software for SEO. In fact you don’t need to be an SEO expert before you can optimize your content for search engines. All you have to do is focus on your writing while the help authoring tool provides every other support including SEO.

Interestingly, HelpNDoc is designed to make writing helps and documentation easier and with a built-in SEO software that optimizes online help and documentations for search engines. HelpNDoc ensures that help and documentation website will be processed appropriately by search engines by generating SEO friendly URLs. Even more, search engines will consider your website an authority since it is responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices. Also, the HTML code generated by HelpNDoc is standard compliant and therefore easily understood and highly respected by web crawlers.

One of the key algorithms for SEO is page loading time. HelpNDoc has greatly optimized page loading time to strike the right balance between page accessibility and download time. With a help authoring tool such as HelpNDoc, all you have to do is create your content, and the software will do all the SEO hard work for you.

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